Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Please meet Lizzie McGlynn
the Author of "I forgive you Daddy"
Liz has very kindly agreed to guest
blog for me today. Liz is sharing recently
written "Raggy Doll."

Subject: Raggy doll

Abuse isn't a layer we can peel off whenever we want it's stuck with us for life. 
We have a life sentence its how we cope that makes the difference.
 I want to try and make the world understand how a day in a survivors shoes feels.
You go to sleep traumatised confused unable to relax.
sleep deprivation has to be one of our biggest hurdles, then theres our biggest enemy. Memory. 
We get what we term triggers it can be a smell a colour a vision almost anything, it can take us back to a moment in time where we become that vulnerable lost child again. 
We get up in the morning choices start, do we hide under the pillow to close out the world, or do we choose to get up and face the  day.

Facing the world itself is a daily battle as we have to put on the coping face... now that one tires you out as it takes a lot to keep up the facade "I'm coping", as we all have very 
difficult periods where we aren't coping, but we don't want others thinking ... here we go again so we withdraw. Why? so we don't burden others and become a nuisance..
Why do we bother, because we matter. we did not cause the 
damage someone came into our innocence and stole it, they cast us aside like broken dollies.
we have to try and find a way to fix ourselves... it's not easy. 
Is there such a thing as a normal life... are there people out there that care, are there people out there that want to give us change...


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