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Privileged to introduce The Ghost With The Most, Father, Husband, Survivor And Advocate In The Fight Against Abuse. Oh and not to forget, one of  the Heroes.

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 Welcome To The Age Of Entitlement
It's been a while since I blogged, and even though I had every intention of writing sooner, it's good that I didn't.

Why? Because there comes a time in a survivor's journey when we realize it's time to let go. That can be especially hard for those of us who have been victimized severely and repeatedly. After having fear, sadness and anger pent up for so long, some of us begin to believe we are entitled to live life that way. I admit that I fell into this mode of thought...more like obsession. The idea that I was right to be pissed as hell and unleash my pain on the people who reminded me of my perpetrators took over, blinding me to the fact that I was becoming cold to the people I love and care for. This became clear to me recently when I spoke out publicly against my own coworkers, who had set off a bad reaction for me by using a plastic wrap doll for a prom decoration that represented a prostitute passed out on a toilet. The only thing that makes my anger boil over more than my own pain is that of women and girls. I can be very protective of females who are in danger, so the sight of this "joke" as it was called, brought out my rage over all the girls and women who fall victim to traffickers, pimps, johns and perverts in general. A story that was published by our local newspaper has polarized our community due to my flashback. And even after I received notice that I was being furloughed, it is still hard for me to let go of the idea that I was entitled to give my fury a voice.

 So, at what point does one distinguish between a sense of duty and selfish entitlement? The answer is right there in the question. Duty has little if nothing to do with the self. It is placing the best interest of others first.
Entitlement is selfishness on steroids. I could very well have handled that doll situation differently and created an opportunity for all to grow in understanding of the suffering of trafficking and prostitution victims.

Things happen for a reason, and lessons we learn can be painful, and not just for ourselves. I've been approached by quite a few people who admire my stand for what I feel is wrong and right. At the same time, my wife is concerned about how we as a family will be treated by the community at large in the future.

I can only pray that I have stirred a change of consciousness that might guide everyone forward with greater care for those of us whom society deems "cheap whores." Behind every sex worker or porn star is someone who made us feel like we had no other purpose than to provide pleasure for men or women who use, abuse and violate every fiber of our beings.

It is my duty to tell other survivors that we have been lied to all our lives. The truth shall set us free. 


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