Saturday, 4 June 2011

I would like you to meet "@24KAuGuy ( not my real name ) a special guest

I have been hearing one of the many whispers on Twitter, he is known as @24KAuGuy. Not his real name of course but it is what we know him by. There are a lot of what I call The Whisperers on twitter each of us breaking the silence about Child Abuse but for some unknown reason I am drawn to his tweets. His tweets ( notes of comment ) make everyone sit up and listen. Maybe its because I recognize his pain as I now recognize my children's pain. He may be just one voice on twitter but there are many whisperers behind him and we make one loud voice ! @24KAuGuy is not ready to blog yet but has allowed me to publish some of his twitter comments.

Not my real name

Not my real name

Childhood sexual abuse survivor. Slowly realizing that I no longer have to fight this battle alone. I am finding my voice and speaking for the boy who couldn't.

All I have to give the world is my truth....
By the time I was 7 I knew my place in the world was to be used...hell i think I knew that before I could even talk...

: children are only at risk of by strangers


  1. So pleased you have given @24KAuGuy I feel a connection to him.
    I hope he heard me when I told him we would wait right here until he knows that he is lovable.
    He has much to share-a true warrior, brave and true.
    We are only truly strong together and all unique.
    by the way add 2+4=6 Aug-my birthday!!

  2. This voice speaks volumes. I am so sad there are so many who are having this kind of pain. The last quote speaks so deeply to me as I remember going through that myself. Thank you for finding your voice. The world needs to hear what you have to say.